Cyclist Nearly Has Bike Stolen Seconds After Leaving It Unlocked, Tackles Thief

Screenshot: Facebook/360 Cycles Clontarf

Regardless of where you live or of how safe you think your neighborhood is, it’s always best to lock your valuables and do everything in your power to keep them from getting stolen. And that’s mainly because there are a-holes everywhere who don’t care if something doesn’t belong to them. And one poor lad learned that the hard way when he decided to leave his pricey bike against a wall while he ran into bike shop, 360 Cycles Clontarf in Dublin. Oh, and he left his bike unlocked and unattended.

And according to the shop, who shared the surveillance footage, less than 17 seconds of this dude leaving his bike unattended these two tools swing back and attempt to steal the bike. But fortunately the cyclist exits the shop and tackles one of the thieves.

Take a look at the video below thanks to Facebook.

Here’s how it was described on Facebook.

“One of our head mechanics was very lucky to get away with about €200 ($260) worth of damage rather than losing his carbon racing bike. This happened in Clontarf over the weekend and we would like to urge all bike owners to lock their bikes at all times even if you are just leaving it for under a minute.”

According to the shop the thieves have not been caught, but the victim did fix his bike and is back on the road. In conclusion, don’t trust people. Like, anyone.

h/t The LADbible

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