Lion King

Mandatory Movie Battles: ‘The Lion King’ 2019 vs. 1994

Before we jump into it, we can all agree that describing the new Lion King as “live-action” is used loosely here, as the 2019 film is relatively all CGI. We’re willing to give the terminology a pass, though, considering Jon Favreau’s artistic photorealism makes the movie look like a nature documentary where the animals happen to be talking and singing. The animated version of The Lion King made waves in 1994 and remains the epitome of classic Disney, earning itself a Golden Globe and Academy Award along the way. In our latest Mandatory Movie Battles, The Lion King faces off with itself as we determine who has the biggest roar: live-action or animation?

Photo: Walt Disney Pictures

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Disney utilized their billions of dollars well in the adaptation, and it’s certainly worth experiencing on the big screen. The reason why the filmmakers didn’t steer away from the original tale, though, is because they didn’t want to mess with perfection. The 2019 live-action adaptation may blow your mind with its eye-popping visuals, but it will never be King.

Overall Winner: Animation

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