shark week

Man Adopts Baby Pet Shark, Lives Just Long Enough to Regret It (And Shark Week)

Kentucky man, Conan McPherson, bought a pocket shark (misleading name) from a homeless man behind a local business for an agreed $20 and “last bite of my gas station hot dog” after binge-watching 20 hours of Shark Week. But shark-inspired McPherson bit off more than he could chew in this tale of stranger things when his adopted pet shark quickly outgrew his bathtub, despite not feeding it for a week. What follows is the story of a man trying to rescue a shark who ended up needing rescuing himself. The homeless man was unavailable for questioning after citing the hot dog was “awful, even for me” before disappearing into the night, holding his belly. McPherson is also looking for his missing cat. Hear the shocking story below.

Photo: VW Pics (Getty Images)

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