7 Live Sharks Found In New York Home’s Basement Pool

Photo: wrangel (Getty)

I know there are people out there that are huge fans of sharks, but I think it’s best those people just enjoy “Shark Week” every year and don’t bring home some live sharks to live with them like the people in this story did.

The Department of Environmental Conservation recently made a bizarre discovery when they walked into a Hudson Valley home that had a basement pool. And in that basement pool? Seven live sandbar sharks swimming, with three other sharks dead — two of them leopard sharks and the other one a hammerhead shark.

Take a look at the bizarre photo below.

Photo: New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Photo: New York State Department of Environmental Conservation


DEC police made the strange discovery on August 23rd while executing a search warrant at a home in Lagrangeville, in Dutchess County, where residents were suspected of harboring illegal wildlife inside a 15-foot above-ground pool.

No charges have been filed yet. Staff from the Wildlife Conservation Society were able to catch the sharks in order to take their blood, measure their length and tag them. The sharks were then transported to the Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead, Long Island, to be held until the ongoing investigation into the illegal animal harboring is complete.

I’m on the internet everyday and this is one of the most strange shark-related stories I’ve heard of in quite some time. Well, here’s hoping that those seven sharks enjoy their new life out of the basement pool.

If you want to see more photos of this shark-pool set up head on over here.

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