Dave Chappelle Reminds Us There’s Nothing He’s Afraid to Say in New Special ‘Sticks and Stones’

If you caught the new Dave Chappelle Netflix special, Sticks & Stones, you were reminded of a few things. First off, Dave is the best, not a lot of doubt about that. Secondly, you remember now that there’s nothing here’s afraid to say. Literally, no letter in the alphabet, LGBTQ, you name it, is safe from scrutiny (“Call out when you hear your letter!”) in his new #NetflixIsAJoke hour. Michael Jackson, Anthony Bourdain, nobody is safe from a shot from Dave. Most of all (this is number three), he’s the only person who can repeatedly use the N-word on TV with near-absolute impunity for an hour straight. Even your slightly racist uncle who doesn’t know any other word for it since he was a child still gets a few weird glances when he drops the N-bomb, but not Dave. It’s strangely smoothly part of his lexicon and joke delivery. And lastly, you notice a very important detail that he doesn’t say but it’s written all over him: This motherfucker has style (green jumpsuit with your name embroidered on it like some frickin’ futuristic ghostbuster? Damn, Dave!) But yeah, the special was pretty good (and anyone who has a bone to pick with Sticks & Stones needs to get the stick out of their ass). That’s premium standup comedy, baby.

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