Hey Lady! New Bill Burr Netflix Special ‘Paper Tiger’ Set For September (Watch It So He Doesn’t Have to Get a Real Job)

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen Bill Burr, and goddammit, we’ve missed him. He’s back with a new #NetflixIsAJoke special, Paper Tiger, sooner than we expected. Well actually, we’ve been waiting impatiently for years but the sudden announcement has us feeling a bit unprepared. Sure, we’ve heard him lately on his Mike Price co-created Netflix animated show, F Is For Family, and sure, we skate through every week by the skin of our teeth by listening to him rip on people in his Monday Morning Podcast, but to actually see him rip on people, everyone from The First Ladies to airport travelers who wipe their faces with the paper bag the food came in, well, that’s just special. Stand-up special gold. His new hour is set to stream on September 10 so set your…whatever the hell you set these days, and don’t you dare be late. This guy has a kid now and has no interest in getting a real job!

Cover: Michael S. Schwartz / Contributor (Getty)

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