Mandatory Food Trends: Fast Food’s Strangest Sandwich Ever Is Back to Destroy Your Taste Buds (What’s Left of Them)

Photo: KFC

While we’re used to fast-food restaurants like Taco Bell and Arby’s dropping ridiculous sandwiches and menu items, there was a time when this wasn’t as common. That’s why the food world almost imploded when KFC dropped the Double Down back in 2010. This aptly-named “sandwich” consisted of bacon, cheese, and sauce with two pieces of fried chicken holding it all together instead of bread.

Apparently, it’s popped up here and there in the years since (throughout the world) but hasn’t been widely available in North America in more than a decade. This ends now. Although, it should be noted that it’s not coming to America (yet). This grotesque, fried chicken monstrosity is available for a limited time at selected KFC locations in Canada now through Nov. 7.

If you’re near the border and you’re hankering for a calorie-filled, artery-clogging sandwich that doesn’t contain any of that pesky bread, you can travel into Canada to grab one. Otherwise, you can hope our friendly neighbors to the north purchase so many of these greasy, cheesy, sandwiches that KFC re-launches it in the US.

Or, better yet, you can stop by your local grocery store (or favorite restaurant) and grab a salad instead. We won’t even shake our heads at you if you add fried chicken to it. At least there’s something healthy in there.