Meanwhile in Japan: Does This Fish and Chips Pizza Look Satisfying to You? Because We Are Speechless For Once

Photo: Dominos Japan

Pizza might be the greatest food invention ever created by man. It’s simple yet perfect and all the ingredients work together in perfect harmony. First, there’s the crust, then the sauce, cheese, and toppings. We prefer the classic mozzarella with zesty, savory pepperoni. While we can definitely munch on a sausage-based pizza, veggie-only, or classic cheese, we don’t often go for over-the-top ingredients like pineapple or anchovies. And we definitely don’t feel like we need a whole fish fry topping our pizza.

But obviously someone does. That’s because Domino’s Japan recently launched what it’s calling Sakusaku Fish & Chips Pizza and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Instead of pepperoni and mushrooms, this pizza is adorned with fried fish, fried potatoes, tartar sauce, and tomato sauce. But that’s not the worst part. This pizza is also littered with slices of lemons with rinds.

Photo: Dominos Japan

While the fried fish and French fries aren’t really for us, they probably don’t taste horrible. We enjoy a nice fish fry from time to time and definitely load it up with tartar sauce. It’s the lemon slices with rinds that concern us. Why would anyone want to bite into a sour, tart, lemon rind while they eat a slice of pizza?

We’re assuming this is a limited-time offering and we’d be interested in seeing how it sells and if pizza fans actually enjoy it. If you find yourself in Japan any time soon, you can buy a medium fish fry-adorned pizza for $27 US or 3,000 yen.