Meanwhile on TikTok: Sommelier Goes Viral For Reviewing Energy Drinks Like Fine Wines (And His Facial Expressions Are Priceless)

If you’re an energy drink enthusiast, you probably have a favorite brand, one that you became loyal to after tasting a lot of lackluster beverages. Some of us are still exploring this subset of imbibeables, and we need a little guidance on which ones to try given how flooded the market is with variety. That’s what Tim Riley, a TikTok sommelier, is for.

Riley began reviewing energy drinks on the social media platform after his wife brought home a bunch of different energy drinks for pre-workout fueling purposes.

“I — for lack of a better word — started ‘sommeliering’ them,” Riley told TODAY Food. “That is to say, tasting them and offering thoughts like one would do with wine. My wife thought my comments were hilarious, suggested I start a TikTok account and a few days later, BSE was born.”

Since January of this year, he’s been pouring energy drinks – from big names like Red Bull and Monster to lesser-known brands – into wine glasses, then sipping them like they’re from the finest vine in France. Which they definitely are not. One he even dared to call “swamp water!” He swirls, he sniffs, he swishes, and he scores. The drinks’ ratings are based on complexity, balance and aroma.

Riley’s videos delight both those interested in energy drinks and those who simply like to laugh. Because while his reviews are helpful, it’s his facial expressions that have us cracking up. Check these videos out:

@bigsommenergyReply to @lil.uzi.pervert Episode 45! @monsterenergy #sommelier #energydrink #winetok #lifestyle♬ Mango – Instrumental – Arnold Produce

@bigsommenergyReply to @chuck1413 Episode 139! @jockofuel #sommelier #energydrink #winetiketok #navyseal #drinkreview #summerworkout♬ ocean waves – Instrumental – Mudai

@bigsommenergyReply to @woahthatsabigbitch Episode 117! @bangenergy #sommelier #energydrink #foodreview #winetiktok #TostitosUnspokenBonds♬ Swamp – Instrumental – IceWolf72

Riley takes suggestions, so if you have an energy drink you’re dying to get a review of, hit the man up! Then sit back, relax, and watch him slug it down.

Cover Photo: @bigsommenergy (TikTok)