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Nashville, Tennessee, USA - September, 2nd 2011: A can of Red Bull energy drink in it's iconic blue and silver can being squeezed and crushed by a mans hand, photographed against a white background.

Ranked! The 8 Most Efficient Energy Drinks For Gamers, New Dads, and Anyone Else Who Doesn’t Plan to Sleep Tonight

Photo: D. Lentz (Getty Images)

While many of us start the day by brewing a pot of coffee, sometimes the caffeine content in a cup of java isn’t enough to propel us through our day. Perhaps you’re a new father who was up all night with a colicky newborn, a gamer who’d like to stay up all night playing the hottest, new game, or you simply want to wake up and tackle your day without fear of crashing at 10 am. Lucky for you, there’s much more than black coffee available. There are myriad energy drinks perfect for anyone who either unintentionally stayed up all night and still needs to get to work or someone attempting to pull an all-nighter before finals. Check out eight of our favorites below and wake the heck up!