Meanwhile on TikTok: Viral Flintts Mints Promise Superior Oral Sex Experience

We all know that mints are essential for fresh breath (a prerequisite before any makeout sesh), but did you know that they also improve oral sex? We have TikTok to thank for this revelation. The social media platform is where word spread that Flintts Mints can take your eating out experience from fast-casual to fine dining. (You follow?)

This particular brand of mints was actually first lauded by cannabis users seeking a cure for cottonmouth. But because these mints are quick-dissolving and help prevent dry mouth, they leave you with more saliva (aka lube) for all your cunning linguist tricks.

Since they came to market in 2019, TikTok has been flooded with videos hashtagged #flinttsmints, with over 10.6 cumulative views.

@flinttsmintsback again with more videos from y’all, the creativity lately is #flinttsmints #mouthwateringmints #salivachallenge #cottonmouth♬ Chug jug with you – Roughan Featherstone

As you can see, saliva is in ample supply after popping these mints. While the drool might be a little off-putting, your partner probably won’t notice because they’ll be in some otherworldly state of ecstasy.

And even if you don’t have anyone to turn on the salivary waterworks for, these mints come in such fun flavors – from strawberry to lemon to cinnamon ginger to cherry – that you’ll enjoy sucking on them all alone.

Cover Photo: @flinttsmints (TikTok)