mid-flight chimes

Meanwhile on TikTok: Flight Attendant Explains the Mid-Flight Chimes to Listen For When You’re All Going to Die

Ding. Ding. This is your captain speaking and it turns out, if we’re really, screwed you won’t know it because I won’t tell you. Luckily, TikToker @tommycimat, a flight attendant, spills the airlines‘ secrets on his account. This includes what sounds to listen for…  in case of an emergency!  Yes, it turns out, how the crew and flight attendants talk to each other is through the mid-flight chimes you hear.

There are three kinds of mid-flight chimes you will hear during a flight. Tommy explains each of them so you’ll always know what’s going on during your flights.

  • High/Low Chime = One Flight Attendant is trying to call the other F.A. or the Flight Deck is trying to call the F.A.
  • 1 Tone Chime = Passenger calling a flight attendant either from their seat or the bathroom.
  • 3 High/Low Chimes In A Row = Emergency!
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Have you ever been on a flight and heard 3 High/Low chimes in a row? Tommy says the likelihood of you hearing the 3 High/Low chimes in a row is extremely unlikely. But, hey, at least you can spend the rest of your life obsessing about maybe hearing them every time you get on a flight.

Cover Photo: @tommycimat (TikTok)