TikTok Targets Curvy Women, A Reminder on Why TikTokers Never Get Laid (Celebrate Your Curvy Women!)

If you haven’t experienced the wonders of curvy women, we feel for you. Full-bodied females are a sensual delight. If you haven’t had the pleasure, you might want to get off TikTok. Why? Because the social media platform seems to be targeting larger women, and removing their videos without just cause.

In a report by CNN Business, several plus-sized TikTokers spoke out, saying how their videos have been removed, often for bogus reasons. There was 25-year-old Remi Bader, who built up a fan base of 881K people for her body-positive videos about struggling to find well-fitting clothes.

@remibaderThese are my 4 favorite @fashionnova Valentine’s Day looks for us curvy ladies #fashionnovapartner #fashionnova #curvy #plussize♬ original sound – Remi Jo

In one video about too-tight Zara pants, viewers got a brief glance of her bare butt, so TikTok removed the post, citing its policy against “adult nudity.”

29-year-old Julia Kondratink experienced something similar when a video of herself in blue lingerie was removed for the same reason. “I was in shock,” she told CNN Business. “There wasn’t anything graphic or inappropriate about it.”

Maddie Touma, a 23-year-old influencer with 200K followers, has had her videos taken down even though she was fully clothed (albeit sometimes in lingerie). “I actually started to change my style of content, because I was scared my account was going to either be removed or just have some sort of repercussions for getting flagged so many times as against community guidelines,” Touma said.

@taddiemoumaIt’s me, your Curvy Godmother feeling like a fairy in this @savagexfenty set #savagexfenty #savagexpartner♬ original sound – Maddie Touma

The censorship is particularly mind-boggling, though, because there’s no shortage of near-naked or sexy content on TikTok – by thin creators. It would seem that the social media platform has it out for women of a certain size – not to mention women of color and differently-abled women.

“It’s frustrating for me. I have seen thousands of TikTok videos of smaller people in a bathing suit or in the same type of outfit that I would be wearing, and they’re not flagged for nudity,” Touma said. “Yet me as a plus sized person, I am flagged.”

Even Lizzo, perhaps the most famous big-bodied girl on the internet, has suspected TikTok of targeting her swimsuit videos.

@lizzo#fyp♬ iknowiknowiknowiknow – erin mcmillen

The algorithm must have gotten the message, though, because she’s since been able to post videos like this.


Ladies, even if TikTok doesn’t want you, we still do – IRL, not on a screen. Let’s boycott social media together – and make our own buzz.

Cover Photo: TikTok

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