Floating Grill Says ‘Stay in the Pool and Burn Your Body and Your Burgers Together, Brah’

Photo: Float ‘N’ Grill

It might not seem like it, but summer is right around the corner. The days are getting longer, warmer, and sunnier and it’s only a matter of time before we’re all heading for a large, medium, or small body of water to escape the humidity and blistering heat. If you’re lucky, you have a lake house to escape to or a boat to anchor somewhere. Usually, a day on the water means beer, water, and pretty much any food that we can pack into your cooler. This usually means premade sandwiches and chips. But, thanks to a new floating grill, we can finally enjoy burgers, hot dogs, and various grilled meats paired while we stand on a sandbar in our favorite swimming spot.

It’s called the Float ‘N’ Grill and it’s exactly what you expect. It’s a propane grill that sits on a floating base connected with support brackets. It was created to move with the motion of the ocean and not flip over even in slightly wavy conditions, spilling your precious sausages in the drink. It’s rust and fade-resistant so you don’t have to worry about literally spending every day this summer using it.

It’s easy to take apart, clean, and put away when not in use. It even had cup holders, so you put down your favorite craft beer while you frolic in the frothy waves.

It’s not cheap. It sells for $229, but we think it’s completely worth it to enjoy hot, grilled food while you wade in waist-deep water from now until mid-September like we plan to do.