Velour Bikinis Are This Summer’s Hot New Swimsuit Trend (Great, We’ll Take Anything at This Point)

We don’t really follow swimsuit trends. (In our opinion, the only swimsuit trend worth paying attention to is when swimwear becomes passe and everyone goes skinny-dipping instead.) But some people do pay attention to such things and we’re here to pass on the relevant information. In case you were wondering what kind of bikini is going to be the hottest on the beach this summer, it’s velour bikinis.

“Velour?” you ask. “Am I supposed to know what that is?” Not necessarily. For reference: it’s the stuff that fancy Juicy Couture tracksuits are made of. It’s not a fabric known for its sweat-wicking abilities and we’re a little unclear on how it’ll hold up in water, but perhaps the point of these itty bitty two-pieces is that they’re not meant to get wet. They’re just meant to display the goods.

Who’s wearing them? Oh, only your favorite women on the internet, like Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Winnie Harlow, and Bella Hadid.


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According to fashion experts, what makes velour perfect for summer is its luxurious texture, its shimmer effect in sunlight, and its retro ‘90s aesthetic — all the makings of an effective thirst trap on Instagram.

In our (unprofessional and totally biased) opinion, it’s not really about the fabric itself, but about how much skin bikini-wearers show at the beach.

Whatever floats your boat – and makes you feel sexy – sun bathers! We are here for it.

Cover Photo: @kimkardashian (Instagram)