Taco Moon: The Next Lunar Event Can Land You Free Taco Bell, May the Force of Food Poisoning Not Be With You

Fast food companies will do anything to get your attention – and get your hungry ass into their drive-thru lanes. But the latest publicity stunt from Taco Bell is out of this world – literally. On May 4, the Tex-Mex chain is giving away free seasoned beef crunchy tacos in honor of the “Taco Moon.”

Never heard of the Taco Moon? That’s because some marketing geniuses in a boardroom made it up. (The scientific term is a waning crescent moon.) Yes, the moon will reportedly resemble a taco on that night, but let’s get real: it also looks like a ball of Swiss cheese on many other nights and we don’t see dairy producers offering us free cheese curds.

And yet…

“Breaking news: the world is getting a new lunar phase on 5/4,” the sad excuse for a Mexican restaurant announced on social media. “Oh, and everyone’s getting a free Crunchy Taco too from 8 PM to 12 AM or all day through the app or online.”


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This is Taco Bell’s first global campaign, so in addition to the 7,000 U.S. locations, taco lovers from 32 international markets will also be able to partake in the free taco promotion.

“As we’re opening more and more restaurants internationally, we know the May 4 moon will take us to new ‘heights’ as we introduce ourselves to new future fans in a delicious way,” said President of Taco Bell, International, Julie Felss Masino in a press release.

We’ll see if Taco Bell enthusiasts go for it. Most of the comments on the company’s social media announcement are pleas for every menu item other than seasoned beef crunchy tacos.

“Free tacos are great, but I would literally pay you money for a double decker taco,” one commenter said.

“How about a free Mexican pizza?” another asked.

“bring back the fiesta taco salad please” someone else begged.

“CARAMEL APPLE EMPANADAS ARE THAT SHAPE TOO…but no, you crush dreams and pregnancy cravings,” said one mama-to-be.

“bring back nacho fries,” someone else chimed in.

You heard the people, Taco Bell. They don’t want your freakin’ Taco Moon promotion. They want everything but a free seasoned beef crunchy taco – and they’re willing to pay for it, too. (And we aren’t just talking in gastrointestinal distress terms.) Maybe, in a blue moon, Taco Bell will bring back the menu items their customers really crave.

Cover Photo: @tacobell (Instagram)

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