Meanwhile in Canada: A Chinese Restaurant Is Being Celebrated For Its Incredibly Blunt Menu (Have a Look For Yourself)

In the movie Elf, Buddy the Elf walks into a restaurant to loudly congratulate them for having “the world’s best cup of coffee” because he read it on a neon sign in the window. While we won’t debate whether or not he actually stumbled upon the best cup of coffee ever made, we do want to point out that Buddy stumbled onto something fairly common. Many restaurants post signs and highlight menu items that are “world’s best” or “award-winning” even if it’s just a local award. But, rarely do you see a restaurant touting the negative aspects of their food. But, that’s exactly what Aunt Dai, a Chinese restaurant in Montreal, is doing and people are loving it.

Instead of over-hyping his food, the owner added little notes to all of the items on the menu. Sure, he mentions the good dishes, but he also doesn’t hold back on the ones he’s not so keen about.

The honest owner is a man named Feigang Fei and highlights of the menu include: a note saying that the Orange Beef, in comparison to the General Tao Chicken “is not that good” and a note included with the peanut sauce says, “I don’t know why but peanut sauce chicken is liked by a lot of customers at Aunt Dai” in a veiled way of saying that he doesn’t like it. He also points out when menu items are “a little too small” as is the case of the Imperial Rolls.

Apparently, his notes have been included in the menu for years, but like with anything, someone stumbled upon them recently and made them go viral. After Twitter went wild for his descriptions, he was interviewed by Today about his recent fame. He said that he wrote the descriptions to help people who might be unfamiliar with the dishes. Needless to say, going viral is really good for his business. Let’s just hope fame doesn’t go to his head. We need this type of transparent honesty in 2021.

Photo: Arman Zhenikeyev (Getty Images)

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