You Can Now Eat The Candy Spaghetti From ‘Elf’ At This Chicago Restaurant

Photo: New Line Cinema

If you’ve never seen the holiday classic Elf, you’re really missing out on a whole lot of holly, jolly cheer. The 2003 film stars Will Ferrell as the aforementioned Elf (named Buddy). He’s living a seemingly normal life as a toymaker at the North Pole only to realize the reason he’s well over 6 feet tall is that his father is actually human. He decides to set off to find him in New York. Along the way, he gets attacked by a raccoon, enjoys the “World’s Best Cup of Coffee,” and eats an interesting candy and Pop-Tart-covered version of spaghetti. If you’re anything like us, you saw that scene and wondered how you could enjoy this rare delicacy yourself. Well, you waited for 15 years and finally someone has decided to add it to their menu.

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If you find yourself in Chicago this holiday season, stop by Miss Ricky’s and order a “Spaghetti Sundae.” It’s only available until Christmas Day (because who would want to eat it on Dec. 26?). Their version is made with a base of “dessert spaghetti” (whatever that means) covered with chocolate syrup, Pop Tarts, strawberry sauce, marshmallow, M&M’s, Oreos, Fruity Pebbles, and myriad other ingredients that would make your Italian grandmother very annoyed.

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The dish will set you back $15 and if that seems pricey, just realize the sugar-covered spaghetti should give you enough energy to finish all of your holiday shopping weeks before you need to. Either that, or you’ll visit one store before passing out after coming down from your sugar high just like Buddy did.