5 Chocolate-Free Advent Calendars For Your Christmas Countdown

Photo: FooTToo (Getty Images)

It feels like only yesterday that we last celebrated Christmas but here we are again. Part of the fun of the build-up to the holidays is opening the windows on an advent calendar each day leading up to the big day.

While most people may enjoy the usual 24 little blocks of chocolate, some of us are after something a bit different. Following the announcement of a Jack Daniels advent calendar, we thought it was time to look at other alternative advent calendars to consider this year.

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Harry Potter Funko Pop Advent Calendar

If you’re a fan of spellbinding Funko Pop’s, then this is a no-brainer. The calendar features 24 Pocket Pop mini-figures, each of which is a character from the Harry Potter franchise. What’s especially neat is the fact that the calendar opens out to represent a wintery Hogwarts scene where Harry, Ron, Hermione, and their wizarding mates can be seen having some festive fun. (Available to pre-order from Gamestop for $39.99.)

Sock Lovers Advent Calendar


It’s not Christmas without a pair of new socks, so why not go a step ahead and treat yourself to 24 pairs? Including limited-edition designs, this calendar ensures you’ll get 24 high-quality and stylish pairs of socks. Better yet, it promises to feature designs that can be worn throughout the year so you won’t need to hide them until next December. (Available from Sockbox for $229.)

Man’Stuff 12-Day Calendar

Photo: Amazon

Need to invest in some grooming products and want to resist the chocolate urge at the same time? This 12-day cubed calendar features such delights as tweezers, body wash, charcoal face wash, and even a comb. It’s a different way of stocking up on the practical things in life. (Available from Amazon for $17.99.)

Wine Advent Calendar

Seventy dollars may sound like a steep investment for an advent calendar, but when you realize you’re getting the equivalent of about six full bottles of wine, then it all of a sudden becomes quite tempting. Aldi’s wine advent calendar is coming to the U.S. for the first time and includes 24 mini bottles featuring Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Pinot Grigio, and Malbec to name a few. It’s available at Aldi stores nationwide, depending on state laws.

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Cheese Advent Calendar


Is wine not your thing? If you’re a fan of the cheesier things in life, this advent calendar is perfect for both cheese connoisseurs and novices alike. For just $20, the calendar features five kinds of British cheese in its 24 individually-wrapped samples. The cheeses include Wensleydale, Red Leicester, Mature Cheddar, Applewood, and Jarlsberg. Best of all, they’re vegetarian, too. Now if only we had a cracker advent calendar to go with it! This cheesy calendar’s available at 247 Super Target stores nationwide.

Seen any other unusual advent calendars? Share the best ones you’ve spotted in the comments below!