Joe Rogan Collaborates on Seasonal CBD Drink, And We Are Just Shocked

Comedian, actor, and podcaster Joe Rogan has come a long way since a bit part on News Radio and hosting Fear Factor. Over the last few years, he’s slowly built up The Joe Rogan Experience to become arguably the most popular podcast of all time. So popular, in fact, this spring, he signed a $100 million deal for the podcast to stream exclusively on Spotify. It appears the comic isn’t happy simply chatting about conspiracy theories and proclaiming the benefits of CBD, he wants to sell it (CBD, not conspiracy theories).

While he’s not going the usual celebrity route and starting his own vodka, tequila, or whiskey brand, he’s collaborated with Atlanta’s Kill Cliff to create a CBD-infused clean energy drink. This limited-edition drink is called “Flaming Joe” and it includes 25mg of CBD from 125mg broad-spectrum hemp as well as spicy flavors of pineapple and jalapeno.

This pairing didn’t come out of nowhere. Rogan has touted the clean energy drink on his podcast over the years. Not only does the drink have CBD in it, but it’s also only 20 calories. So, if you’re anything like Rogan and you’re into fitness and martial arts, you’ll probably want to chug one of these bad boys before a workout. Even if your idea of fitness is dipping chicken nuggets in barbecue sauce, you can still enjoy it while you listen to Rogan’s podcast.

Photo: Kill Cliff

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