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The Best Podcast Episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience

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If the trend continues, by 2025 there will be more podcasts than humans on planet Earth, as seemingly everyone thinks that they should be listened to. In this ocean of podcasts, only the very few have stood out by making the best podcast. Stand-up comedian, mixed martial arts commentator and, obviously, podcast host Joe Rogan is maybe the most influential podcaster of today.

Joe made the Joe Rogan Experience such a cultural phenomenon with volume (his podcast has more than a 1000 episodes), quality, as he became really good at conversating, and diversity. Since, as you’re about to see, his podcast has guests from all walks of life.

Here are the 10 best podcasts that the Joe Rogan Experience produced.

Best Podcasts From Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan Experience #812 – Russell Brand & Jim Breuer

Yes, we’re actually recommending you listen to the guy most know as Katy Perry‘s ex-husband. Alongside with that one guy from Half-Baked (1998). It just might be the perfect starting point for browsing the most popular podcasts on the JRE YouTube page (or wherever), as the two more than surprised with the insights and wisdom they provided. While throwing some cracking jokes of course.

Joe Rogan Experience #1035 – Paul Stamets

Rogan’s podcast became so popular because he would have an elite athlete one day, and then a leading scientist in his field the next one. Paul Stamets is one of those scientists that will blow your brains with his theories and experiences with psilocybin, the psychedelic compound found in some mushrooms. Listening to Stamets is as trippy as eating those magic mushrooms.

Joe Rogan Experience #835 – Louis Theroux

Louis Theroux is one of the most famous documentary directors and while he spent most of his time on the podcast talking about his Scientology movie, he and Joe dwelled into various topics. The English-American director surprises with his very potent sense of humor in one of the most popular podcasts.

Joe Rogan Experience #956 – Guy Ritchie

There is a running joke amongst the viewers of JRE that you can tell that you can spot how much a guest is famous by how little time he spends on the show. Film director Guy Ritchie is such a good, compact storyteller that it feels like he spent 4 hours in the studio, not 1:46. The variety of topics gets deeply explained and if you liked any of Ritchie’s movies this is a must.

Joe Rogan Experience #921 – Dominick Cruz

After his podcast, Rogan is most well-known for his long-standing job as the UFC commentator, so he is deeply ingrained in the MMA world and has the biggest stars from the sport over. One of the better podcasts in general, not just from the MMA family, is his interview with the former Bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz who gives a blueprint to overcoming adversity in 2 hours and seven minutes.