Binging with Babish Finally Recreated Our Favorite Food from ‘The Simpsons’

If you’re a fan of The Simpsons, like a real fan since the beginning, you know all about the Springfieldian delicacy known fondly as “steamed hams.” If you aren’t that big of a fan of the iconic show, that’s okay. We’ll give you a little refresher. Steamed hams (from the episode “22 Short Films About Springfield” from the 1996 season) is a reference to an ill-fated dinner between Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers. Skinner burns the dinner and things get worse from there as he comes up with more and more lies to cover up the debacle including the fact that he made him “steamed hams” for dinner, a term that he claims comes from Albany, New York, and references hamburgers. For the last 25 years, we’ve wanted to try these strange, yet likely delicious treats. Lucky for us, YouTube sensation Binging With Babish feels the same way as us.

Babish, whose real name is Andrew Rea, recently took to his cooking YouTube channel (along with Alvin Cailian, host of The Burger Show from First We Feast) to make these beloved burgers in real life. He bases the burgers on the well-known Krusty Burger (even though nobody knows what’s in a Krusty Burger either) or the Connecticut steamed cheeseburger.

For those unaware, while Skinner’s burger wasn’t steamed (which is why the name is extra confusing). There is a famous style of burger, popular at Ted’s in Connecticut (not Albany) that’s steamed.

Both of the burger maestros cook up their own steamed burgers. Cailin’s is a little over the top with the addition of a bunch of unique ingredients and even potato chips. We applaud his creativity. But, if you’re going for authenticity, there’s no way it’s even close. Rea’s is likely as close as possible to the real deal. It’s a simple bun with ketchup with a steamed burger patty, pickles, and melty, gooey cheese that even superintendent Chalmers would love.

All in all, it’s really hard to recreate food from a cartoon with much accuracy. But all we know is that after watching the 11-minute video, we’re pretty hungry now.

Photo: 20th Century Fox

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