Frozen Cake Shaped Like Thanksgiving Turkey Gives People Just What They Want, Dessert That Looks Like Dead Bird

If you’re not a fan of traditional roasted (or deep-fried) turkey or you’re a vegan, you can always treat yourself to the horrifying ‘Tofurkey.’ This abomination is made in the shape of a turkey, supposedly tastes like turkey, and is made of tofu. Honestly, we don’t see the point. Why would you want to eat something that looks and tastes like a turkey if you don’t eat meat? Maybe you just prefer foods that are shaped like turkey but aren’t turkey. If that’s the case, we have a much better option for you: Baskin Robbins’ iconic Turkey Ice Cream Cake.

But, if you ask us, this turkey’s appearance is a little too close to comfort. Even though it’s been available for years, it reminds us of the weird recent trend of making cakes that look like other things. It’s shaped exactly like a turkey (the legs are made of sugar cones), it’s frosted to mimic the crisp, brown skin of a roasted turkey, it has a weird glossy sheen of caramel praline glaze, and even has those weird white things turkey legs have in the movies (but nobody has in real life).

This cake, which retails for $32.99 is as big (and much less dry) than your family’s Thanksgiving turkey. It feeds eight to 12 people (or four to six hungry people) and comes in a wide range of flavors (15 to be exact) including chocolate chip cookie dough, Rocky Road, and boring old vanilla.

It’s been around since the 1970s and in this very strange year, would it be so wrong to forego the annoying days of defrosting and half-day roasting of an actual turkey and buy one of these instead? Who doesn’t love dessert for dinner? Just don’t put it out too early or else you’ll have a horrifying melted mess in the middle of your table.

Cover Photo: Baskin Robbins

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