RANKED! The 10 Worst Thanksgiving Day Dishes We Are Definitely Not Thankful For

Thanksgiving is the holiday for lovers of gluttony. That’s because it’s the one day per year when we’re allowed to eat until it feels like our guts are about to burst. We’re not kidding. We eat so much we have to undo our pants and lie down on the floor in a crumpled heap after the last forkful of grandma’s famous pumpkin pie.

While turkey is obviously the main event, it’s the side dishes that truly shine. Every year, we eagerly await side dishes like stuffing, green bean casserole, macaroni and cheese, and mashed potatoes. But just because there are numerous mouth-watering dishes, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some duds. In honor these gross anomalies, we decided to make a list of the worst Thanksgiving dishes of all time. Check them all out below.

Photo:  NWphotoguy (Getty Images)

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