No Nut November Ironically Teaches Us the Importance of Routine Masturbation (And What Happens When You Don’t)

We don’t know who thought up “No Nut November,” but we’d like to kick that dude in the balls. Not only is refraining from masturbation for a whole month hard as hell, it makes us miserable SOBs that no one wants to be around – especially women.

Masochism aside, No Nut November is actually bad for you and your balls. A Harvard University study showed that men who ejaculated on the regular reduced their risk of testicular cancer.

That’s why we’re psyched to hear that the Anti-No Nut November Challenge is returning for another year of solidarity with those who like to slap the salami. Launched by Stripchat, a live sex and entertainment site featuring streams by models, the Anti-No Nut November Challenge encourages men to pledge to continue to “nut” in November. For every pledge made on, Stripchat will donate $1 to a men’s cancer foundation. The site is also offering live streams with sex health experts on healthy masturbation habits.

“Stripchat cares about our users, their nuts, and men around the world who suffer from prostate cancer,” said Max Bennett, VP of new media at Stripchat. “We hope this fun campaign can help bring some really important issues to the forefront of public discourse.”

While you’re checking out Stripchat’s site, why not get a little “help” getting off with one of its models? It’s for your health, after all!

Cover Photo: Roman Didkivskyi (Getty Images)

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