Want to Avoid Cancer? Have Lots of Sex, They Say

Cancer is the worst. For men, prostate cancer affects one in every nine, and roughly 80 percent of those who reach 80 years old have cancerous cells in their prostate, per Web MD. The trick to suppressing this horrible disease is sex, sex, sex, and when you’re done with that, have some more sex.

According to a study conducted over a 10-year span, the more you ejaculate, the greater your chances of avoiding prostate cancer. The research included over 30,000 dudes who let someone track their intercourse and masturbation habits. It’s kissing and telling for, you know, science.

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The study reported that men between the ages of 21 and 29 were 19 percent more likely to avoid cancer than those who didn’t blow loads as often. So basically, if she hops in the sack with you, you can thank her for saving your life.

The chances to avoid the illness are even greater if you’re a middle-aged guy who gets busy. Men ages 40 to 49 reduced their cancer risk by a whopping 22 percent. Something to shoot for in your 40s, fellas.

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If you’re getting this much action, bravo to you. Just make sure you’re wrapping it up and being safe because we all know how bad sexually transmitted diseases can be. If you’re not so lucky and have to masturbate to meet these numbers, have no shame. We won’t judge you, Mandatory faithful. Keep it coming so you can keep it running.


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