Supermoon May Cause Super Sex Vibes, Experts Say

Photo: m-gucci (Getty Images)

The supermoon happening on Feb. 19 may be your best chance for spontaneous romance under the night sky’s brightest mood light. At a mere 221,000 miles away (arguably as far as the drug store when you suddenly need a condom), this is the closest the moon will ever get to Earth (barring a catastrophe).

Called the Perigree in science-y speak, this month’s full moon will appear 7 percent bigger and 15 percent brighter than your average, totally unexceptional, 50/50-odds-of-getting-laid-tonight full moon. According to lunar gurus (who are only wrong when Mercury is in retrograde), that extra luminescence will put some blood-sugar sex magic in the air come Tuesday night. So get ready to break out the bubbly, a perfectly audible slow jam on the portable, and a big warm blanket — and take this party to the roof. Things are about to get sexy.

Whether you’re obsessed with astrology (hi, Aunt Artemis) or won’t even look at your fortune cookie for fear of its illogical nature, it’s inarguable that sometimes sex is in the air on a massive scale. Check out these five moments when great forces conspired to play cupid of the cosmos.

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