Rihanna Throws an Insane Amount Money at Coronavirus Relief Efforts (If Only More Celebrities Would Do the Same)

Just when you thought Rihanna couldn’t get any better, she shows a new side to her personality: that of a do-gooder. The Grammy-winning singer, actress, and entrepreneur is doing what few celebrities have – she’s throwing an insane amount of money at coronavirus relief efforts. Through the Clara Lionel Foundation, which she founded and named after her grandparents, she’s donated $5 million in grants to organizations like the World Health Organization, Direct Relief, Partners in Health, the International Rescue Committee, and Feeding America. That money will be used to provide medical supplies, personal protective equipment, and food for people in her birth country of Barbados as well as the U.S., Haiti, and Malawi. She’s also shelling out the equivalent of $700K to cover ventilator costs for her homeland. If you thought Rihanna’s only contribution to the world was infectious songs, think again. She should “Take a Bow” for her generous philanthropy. If only more celebrities would take a cue and do the same.

Cover Photo: ANGELA WEISS / Contributor (Getty Images)

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