Restaurant Uses Shower Curtains as Coronavirus Barrier; Cosmo Kramer Would Be Proud

As cities start to reopen after a long coronavirus quarantine, restaurant owners are getting creative with ways to keep their patrons safe. Many venues are spacing tables at least 6 feet apart, installing sneeze guards, and requiring servers to wears face masks and gloves. But Twisted Citrus, a breakfast spot in North Canton, Ohio, is going one (slightly insane) step further: it’s installing shower curtains in its dining area.

Owner Kim Shapiro claims she doesn’t have enough room to keep parties socially distanced, so she decided to install shower curtains around each table instead. “I’m from South Florida originally,” she explained to NPR (and, boy, does that explain a lot). “If you’ve ever been to a beachfront restaurant when it rains, they put down this sort of clear curtain, so I realized, like, wait a minute. We can use shower curtains.”

Shapiro isn’t the first to combine shower curtains and hospitality. Seinfeld fans will surely remember “The Apology” episode where Kramer becomes so enamored with his shower that he never wants to leave, not even to prepare food. He goes so far as to install a garbage disposal in his shower and prepares a dinner party feast in there – much to the chagrin of his guests.

While Twisted Citrus is sure to be more sanitary than that scenario, it seems like keeping shower curtains clean would be more work than just spacing the tables farther apart (or opening up a patio). We don’t even want to think of the Jackson Pollock-like splatters that could accumulate after a few messy diners lap up their meals.

While Shapiro says the curtains will be cleaned after each party leaves, with a capacity of 60, that’s a lot of shower curtain changing (and the last time we attempted it at home, it was a pain in the ass). But maybe if you down enough Rubber Duckie Mimosas (the venue’s new champagne and blue raspberry lemonade adorned with a rubber ducky), you’ll be swimming in good vibes and sanitation will be the last thing on your mind.

Cover Photo: NBC

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