Meanwhile in New York: Watch This Baby Pee on Priest During Baptism (Take That, Organized Religion!)

Talk about taking the piss out of religion. Or would this be putting the piss in? We’re talking about a baby who peed all over the priest during a baptism, and went viral for it.

“Baby Jonathan literally pissed on the priest,” his dad Demetri Lymberatos said while filming the 7-month-old’s induction into organized religion.

In the video, the family is in a Greek church, where an officiant is reciting scripture and holding the baby boy up to the holy water. Suddenly, the tot begins to tinkle — and not just a little dribble but a full-on stream. The pee comes dangerously close to the unsuspecting Father.

Baby Jonathan’s family burst into laughter. “Everyone laughed because the scene was surreal — like a mini exorcist episode,” Demetri told Jam Press of the watershed moment. “I had to stay still and couldn’t even do anything because in my palm we had the holy oil and water.”

Instagram commenters had a field day with the urinary incident.

“Priest: ‘Who’s baptising who, here?’” one wrote.

“You sprinkle me, I’m gonna sprinkle you,” another quipped.

“Baby was just baptising back,” someone insisted.

We gotta say: Catholicism had it coming. Here’s to a lifetime of giving the Church hell, Baby Jonathan.

Cover Photos: Instagram



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