Meanwhile in LA: Jet Man Spotted Circling Airport Again, But Is It a Billionaire Playboy Or Just a Very Convincing Balloon?

With the Delta variant scaring some passengers off from conventional air travel, a few folks are finding new ways to take to the skies. While some are using balloons, at least one repeat customer has outfitted himself with a state-of-the-art jetpack.

It started with an unusual warning to incoming planes from air traffic controllers: “Use caution, the jet man is back.” The freaky transmission came after a strange object was spotted flying over LAX at an altitude of roughly 5,000 feet.

Amazingly, this isn’t the first time the rogue flier has been spotted in the area. Last October a China Airlines crew clocked the flying man soaring over the Pacific Ocean while descending from 6,000 feet. Three months before that, two separate flight crews told authorities the rocketman had flown within just 30 yards of their plane.

The third sighting has finally prompted the FBI into action. Given the dangers such solo flights pose to commercial air travel combined with the complete mystery of the lone wingman, the government agency is hoping to crack the identity and whereabouts of the human projectile before it’s too late.

But as of now, no one knows who or what the mysterious flying object could be. Though some believe it’s nothing more than a drone painted to look like a man or perhaps a decorative balloon loosed from a children’s birthday party, eyewitnesses are drawing more famous comparisons.

“SkyWest 3626, did you see the UFO?” asked the air traffic controller during the most recent incident. “We were looking but we did not see Iron Man,” the pilot responded.

Given the regularity of Jet Man sightings in the airspace above Lala Land, we wouldn’t be surprised if the actual pilot turned out to be Robert Downey Jr. on a joyride. After all, given his role in the success of Disney’s Marvel franchise, the beloved actor was certainly due for a sky-high bonus.

Cover Photo: mikkelwilliam (Getty Images)

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