Bitcoin Pop-Up Pizza Brand Strangely Doesn’t Accept Bitcoin, Correctly Values Pizza Over Pretend Money

Is pizza the most valuable currency ever conceived? While that’s debatable, it’s a fact that the first-ever transaction made using the world’s elite cryptocurrency was for two large Papa John’s pizzas. And while Papa John’s value hasn’t increased (rightly so), Bitcoin has minted more billionaires than a defunct social media app.

The guy who agreed to sell the pizza received 10,000 Bitcoin as payment, a sum which is now worth an estimated $365 million. (Though the man squandered it all on travel, most Millennials would still consider him wealthy.)

In honor of this historic moment 11 years ago, one virtual pop-up shop is celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day by offering a selection of pizzas you can order for a limited time only. Just don’t expect to pay with Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency) because the pop-up is only accepting traditional payment methods.

Yep, you heard that right.

The half-baked gambit, developed by the virtual brand, Bitcoin Pizza, is in partnership with Human Rights Foundation’s Bitcoin Development Fund in an effort to further develop Bitcoin technology. Which, based on this pop-up shop’s inability to accept Bitcoin, is in dire need of help.

Looks like it’s up to us diet-rejecting, cheese-lovers to save crypto. (We knew eating pizza would one day save the world).

From May 22-29, hungry nerds like us will be able to purchase overpriced za from San Francisco to Miami, with all proceeds going to support the fund. Just be prepared to order a backup pizza in case the Bitcoin Pizza’s flavor suddenly deflates.

The tech startup behind the business, Popchew, is hoping to incorporate crypto in the future. But until digital currencies stabilize (and a single Elon Musk tweet doesn’t send the market into a tizzy), accepting cryptocurrency as a payment option for delicious pizza just isn’t feasible.

Why any of this makes sense is anyone’s guess. But hey, who doesn’t like overpriced pizza? Unless it’s Papa John’s. Then it might as well be Dogecoin.

Cover Photo: 24K-Production (Getty Images)

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