Man Drops iPhone Out of a Plane With Camera Filming, Apple Wishes It Made This Commercial

If you’re anything like us, the first thing you do when you get a new phone is to buy a case to go with it. We’re clumsy and if we don’t put that expensive piece of hardware into a hard case, we’re definitely going to break it within the first day. There’s nothing worse than buying a new phone and shattering the screen on day one. Now, instead of simply dropping your smartphone on the tile floor of a public restroom, imagine if you dropped that phone out of an airplane. Do you think it would survive, case or not?

That’s exactly what happened recently in Brazil and luckily the phone was filming video the entire time. As we mentioned before, we’re clumsy and prone to accidents. We’d never attempt to film out of an open airplane window. That’s just asking for a sudden gust of wind to rip that pricy phone right out of your hand.

Brazilian news channel G1 reported that a filmmaker named Ernesto Galiotto was using his iPhone 6 to film out the window of a plane near Peró Beach (100 miles east of Rio de Janeiro) recently when he dropped it. The plane wasn’t at 30,000 feet though, it was just 984 feet off the ground and he even found the phone unbroken and in almost perfect condition after a search the next day.

Sadly, while it filmed the whole time, the video isn’t all the exciting. In fact, the constant spinning of the phone makes the shaky camera work from The Blair Witch Project seem much less vomit-inducing in comparison. But, if you want to lose your lunch, you can check out the video on G1’s website.

The moral of the story? Buy a case, don’t try to film outside of an open plane window, and, if you do, make sure the video is rolling.

Photo: Arctic-Images (Getty Images)

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