Robot Wolves Protect Japan Town From Bears (Or Is It the Other Way Around?)

Life is full of worries. We worry about our paychecks, student loans, and whether or not friends and family will stay safe from COVID. We worry about natural disasters destroying our homes. What we don’t worry about is an army of bears randomly showing up and ransacking our town. That’s exactly what one town in Japan is dealing with and they came up with a pretty futuristic way to combat the furry menace.

No, they didn’t install electric fences or build a moat filled with sharks with laser beams on their heads. They installed robot wolves that are activated by motion detection. Yes, you read that right: robot wolves. It seems obvious to us. What would you pick to fight bears but their bitter forest rival, the very intimidating (and in this case metallic) wolf?

Town officials in Takikawa, a town on the island of Hokkaido, noticed that a lot more bears were wandering into residential areas. They were worried about the safety of citizens, so they purchased two “Monster Wolves” from a machinery firm called Ohta Seiki in collaboration with a local college.

The aforementioned wolves are made of metal and covered in fake fur that isn’t even as believable as the prosthetics in An American Werewolf in London. According to experts, they look real to other animals (hopefully bears). But to us, they look like the least intimidating Halloween decorations of all time.

When activated, the wolves’ heads move back and forth, they howl, screech and their eyes become flashing red lights. More cheesy than spooky, but the intent isn’t to scare humans.

According to officials, the wolves (which are extinct in Japan) have so far stopped any bears from entering the town limits. No word on whether or not there’s fear that any of them will become sentient and eventually decided to join up with the bears to destroy the town they’ve been sworn to protect.

Photo: Kyodo (Reuters)

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