California Poppy Fields Starting to Wonder If Anybody Is Ever Going to Lie Down on Them This Spring

Nature doesn’t stop for anyone or anything. If you can turn away from the grim and grisly news for a second, you’d notice we’re smack dab in the midst of spring. The world is in bloom. Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve is ready to pop with its trademark orange flowers that have been the backdrop of many an Instagram influencer’s selfies. But the fields are starting to wonder: is anybody going to lie down on them this spring?

With travel discouraged across the country, social distancing guidelines that demand we stay 6 feet apart from others, and shelter-in-place orders that restrict much of our movements, coronavirus is really killing our drive to sight-see. And what a sight to see the blooming poppies are. They’re such a popular attraction that in years past, the problem wasn’t a lack of visitors, but that so many people came to take in their splendor that they trampled many of the delicate flowers.

“Please don’t stay away,” the poppy fields said in a recently released joint statement. “We love to see your smiling faces, photobomb your Insta snaps, and feel the weight of you on us.” They insisted that they cannot be infected by COVID-19, and therefore reassured admirers that they can get as up close and personal as they want to their petals.

In what can only be described as a dire time all over the world, natural beauty is one thing we can all enjoy, for free. A little fresh air and flora therapy would do us all good.

Cover Photo: rhyman007 (Getty Images)

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