Amber Heard Seems to Dress Girlfriend Up Like Johnny Depp, Difficult Without Talent, Charisma and All That Money

We’ve all been there. It’s a classic story of boy meets girl. Then, girl accuses boy of domestic violence. Then, boy and girl get divorced. Following that, the girl is allegedly revealed as the actual abuser. Finally, the girl is spotted at an airport with her new girl, who seems to be dressed like her old boy. It’s a tale as old as time.

Or something like that. The relationship between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues to get weirder and weirder. At first, fans and media alike were quick to crucify Depp after allegations of domestic abuse surfaced online. Heard accused Depp of abuse and, while Depp was quick to deny the allegations, it seemed like his fate had already been sealed. Movies were canceled, franchises were rebooted and Depp’s reputation seemed to be in the gutter. But then, audio surfaced that seemed to suggest it was actually Heard who was the abusive one in the relationship. We’ll never truly know what went on behind closed doors at Chateau de Depp, but we can confirm that Heard seems to have moved on — with a girlfriend who was dressed in an outfit eerily reminiscent of Heard’s former beau.

The couple was recently spotted at LAX, with Heard dressed in a white blouse and black skirt and her girlfriend, Bianca Butti, sporting a cordovan hat, dark jeans, sunglasses and, of course, lots and lots of accessories. Now, listen. We’re not here to cast stones. Amber Heard can date whomever she wants and Johnny Depp isn’t the only fashionista that can wear big hats, dark glasses and dozens of unnecessary bracelets. Where it would get really weird is if Heard made Butti talk in a hard-to-pinpoint British pirate accent and star in a remake of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Then we’d have some questions.

Cover Photo: Daily Mail

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