Kanye West Announces Ridiculous Foam Runner Shoes, Great For Walking on Water (And Running With Trump)

The singer of kings, Kanye West, is at it again. This time the Yeezy Mafia boss is dropping sustainable shoes made from algae with air holes the size of Swiss cheese that look like a sports shoe that Jesus would wear if he were here (or is he?). Great for walking on water and running from your demons, the foam runner came with a bit of Twitter backlash after people realized they didn’t know just how ugly a shoe could be. West announced the Adidas collaboration recently but made no mention of using the shoe to clean your bathtub, despite looking like a half-used sponge. The Yeezy Foam Runner is set for 2020 release, just in time for Kanye to announce he’ll be Trump’s running partner (or cellmate).

Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty)

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