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Kanye Reportedly Rakes $2 Million-Plus in Small Business Bailout for 106 Yeezy Jobs, Trump Likely Thinking ‘He Reminds Me of Me When I Was His Age’

Kanye West is the human equivalent of seeing a fancy car wrecked on the freeway. You don’t want to rubberneck but you also can’t look away from the schadenfreude. It seems like every other day West or his wife make headlines for some new idiotic or offensive thing. If they’re not LARPing as billionaires, then West is pretending to run for president. One way or the other, he’s always sucking up to Donald Trump’s dragon energy. Recently released documents prove Kanye may play the president’s lapdog for more than publicity.

Kanye and his wife’s clothing brand’s use of sweatshops is old news. Also old news is how West sells plain white T-shirts for $120 a pop and kicks for a whopping $250. A real man of the people. This new scandal is far worse, though. West took between $2 to $5 million from a fund meant to help small businesses devastated by the pandemic. He is literally robbing from the sick to give to himself and his wealthy wife, which is something Trump might admire. Maybe West and Trump really are kindred spirits, or maybe they’re both just narcissistic bipolar jerks? In this list, we look back on Kanye’s many scandals, as well as getting to the bottom of his most recent one.

Cover Photo: Consolidated News Pictures (Getty Images)

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