Kanye Fails to Get on Ballot in the State Where He Lives, Doesn’t Seem to Mind It’s Physical Impossible For Him to Win

You’ve gotta hand it to the guy for trying. When Kanye West announced his candidacy to be the president of the United States, people laughed. They rolled their eyes. They shrugged their shoulders. We’re still kind of laughing (in fact, we haven’t stopped), but that’s not the point. The point is, Kanye didn’t just talk a big game; he tried (unsuccessfully) to back it up as well. It’s just that, in announcing his candidacy, Mr. West forgot a few key points, the biggest of which is that he couldn’t actually run.

Still, the guy tried to get on a number of ballots, like in Colorado, Montana, and, now, his new “home state” of Wyoming. But, as it turns out, not even they wanted him.

In order to qualify as an Independent candidate (like what Bitcoin founder Brock Pierce is doing) on the presidential ballot, West needed to produce 4,025 valid signatures of qualified electors (i.e. registered voters). He didn’t produce any. Chances are, Kanye probably just assumed that simply being Kanye West was enough to get him on the ballot. That was not the case.

Most naysayers agree that this was little more than West’s attempt to “take votes away” from the Democratic presidential nominee. West has been a vocal supporter of President Trump, going so far as to wear a MAGA hat whilst meeting the man. So it’s completely within the realm of possibility that West wanted to use his “name” to trick the uneducated voters among us (and there are lots) into voting for him “as a joke.” Doing so would, presumably, take votes away from Joe Biden in an attempt to secure a win for Trump. It was a dumb idea but, still, we give West points for creativity. We just wish he would have done, like, any of the work to actually be eligible. The debates would have been fun television, if nothing else.

But don’t feel bad for West. He’s still a multi-millionaire that is married to Kim Kardashian and, in his mind, is pretty much the second coming of Jesus. Yes, we think Yeezy will be just fine.

Cover Photo: The Washington Post

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