Meanwhile on Social Media: Semi-Truck Maternity Photos Have Us Questioning Everything We Thought We Knew About Sex and the Birthing Process

Some trends make sense. Others, we just don’t understand. Maternity photos featuring a lady with a big bump and a semi-truck definitely fall into the latter category. And yet, social media can’t get enough of ‘em.

The “genre,” as its known, leaves the viewer with some questions. Why aren’t the baby daddies in the pics? Why do their trucks look somewhat sexual, like they’re leering at the women? And who the hell started this trend anyway?

If you’ve never witnessed this strange pregnancy tradition, check out a few visuals that have gone viral on social media:

“I’m not going to sit here and deny the pictures make it look like Optimus Prime somehow conceived a child with that woman, but there’s more to the story,” 32-year-old Ben, a freight industry worker, told Mel Magazine about these trending pics. “Some truckers are just odd people — hours of isolation and a general dismissal by most of society will do that to you. But that isolation also makes you feel a pretty close bond to your truck, enough to maybe want to personify it.”

In other words, trucking isn’t just a job for these dudes – it’s a lifestyle. And the truck is an extension of themselves, so it’s understandable they want it captured in the photos leading up to the arrival of a new family member.

Your maternity photos, your choice, we suppose. Just don’t let that truck get too close to your woman. You never know what could happen.

Cover Photo: Imagesbybarbara (Getty Images)



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