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Jessica Simpson Says She Gets Trolled For Eating ‘Only the Tip’ of Bacon (One Look at This Instagram Post and You’ll See Why)

Kids love to make fun of their parents – and rightfully so. Who better to be the judge of adults’ cringeyness than a child? Jessica Simpson is one celebrity mom getting trolled by her daughter for something silly – although we have to admit, we totally think the criticism is legit.

The ribbing has to do with how the former pop star eats bacon. Rather than just down the crispy pork ribbons like the rest of us, Simpson apparently only eats the tips. (Insert your own adolescent sex joke here.)

In a recent Instagram post, Simpson revealed her unusual way of consuming the breakfast staple. “My kids make fun of me since I only eat the tips of the bacon,” she captioned a pic of herself and her 9-year-old daughter Maxwell Drew sharing a long slice of bacon, Lady and the Tramp-style.


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Many commenters agreed that the ends of the bacon are crispiest, and therefore the only parts worth eating. Surprisingly, the etiquette police on Instagram went after Simpson and her daughter for more than the bacon-eating oddity.

“Is that how your daughter sits at the table? And, no hats at the table, come on now!!!!” one wrote.

“I can’t get past the feet on the seat in a restaurant,” another said.

“My daughter has long leg’s but she doesn’t sit like that,” a third opined.

My goodness. Apparently you can’t share any quirk – or impromptu family pic – on social media these days without getting a lecture.

We don’t get Simpson’s aversion to the middle sections of bacon, but if we were lucky enough to share a meal with her, we wouldn’t care. It’d mean more meat for the rest of us.

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