Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Accidentally Rocks SKIMS in Hilarious Billboard Mishap (Yeah, Justin ‘Accidentally’)

Justin Bieber is known for generating controversy, but even he couldn’t have plotted this silly stunt. A recent billboard mishap combined the upper half of the pop singer’s new Balenciaga ad with the lower half of an ad for Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS underwear brand. The overall effect is badass Bieber wearing a bespoke leather jacket up top, and a nearly naked body donning sensible briefs and tall socks on the bottom.

The hilarious mash-up was visible on the side of the Andaz hotel in West Hollywood on Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip for one night only, but it was long enough to generate a ton of laughs by passersby.

Unfortunately, the billboard has since been completed and Bieber’s lower half is now decked out in black sweatpants and running shoes. Oh well. If Kim Kardashian ever needs an extra SKIMS model, she knows where to find him.

Cover Photo: @alihussainy_ (Twitter)



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