15 Mandatory Funny Tweets About Jared Leto’s UFC Fight Night Ascot

UFC just got a new role model. With a broken leg at the end of Round 1 handing Connor McGregor his third (and most anti-climactic) loss to Dustin Poirier, UFC 264 would have gone down as a bum night if not for Jared Leto’s thrilling ascot.

While the fight night certainly had no lack of stars, including Sia and Justin Beiber, none shined more brightly than Leto, strolling into the arena like a mannequin who’d suddenly come to life and wasn’t sure where he was going or how to move his feet. Luckily, Leto was flanked by handlers to lead him through the darkness of his own oversized stunner shades.

His plunging neckline revealed a moon-kissed torso, giving plenty of space to showcase his delft blue neck scarf, which looked as though he’d absent-mindedly plucked it from a small child wandering just outside the building. It was the perfect pop of color to kickoff a vampire summer.

The whole vibe was so atypical of octagon style, Leto may have just rebranded the entire sport with one simple entrance – and we’re here for it. Check out the funniest tweets below:




Cover Photo: Jeff Bottari (Getty Images)

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