Watch Billie Eilish Tell Us ‘Everyone Needs To Shut Up’ in New Interview, Immediately Our Top Pick For Next Political Debate Mediator

When it comes to the best mantra of the year awards, Billie Eilish just became the frontrunner. In her latest interview with Rolling Stone, the 19-year-old singer told everyone “to shut up” and we can’t stop laughing.

It all started when her new single ‘Your Power’ got people talking about who the song could be about. After a month of constant speculation, Eilish had to set the record straight, saying the song is about “many different situations.”

As for her past relationships, Eilish says “Nobody knows about any of that, at all. I just wish people could just stop and see things and not have to say things all the time.”

But is Eilish’s love life really any great mystery?

This year’s documentary The World Is A Little Blurry gave fans a glimpse into Eilish’s toxic relationship with ex Brandon “Q” Adams who she purportedly started dating when she was just 15 (he was in his 20’s). With less than two decades under her belt and only one public-facing relationship (before current BF Matthew Tyler Vorce came along), it doesn’t take the mind of Perry Mason to piece together the puzzle of her exes.

Despite Eilish’s new project shaping up to be a breakup album, the singer is choosing to remain mum on the song’s inspiration, asking listeners to open their minds to the possibility her music is about more than just one bloke. And you know what? We respect that.

Maybe Eilish had just finished watching A Quiet Place 2 and was feeling the serenity of silence. Or maybe she doesn’t want her new album to be pigeonholed into a one-note catharsis. Whatever the reason, this girl needs to mediate every political debate from now on because she’s absolutely right. Sometimes everybody just needs to zip their lips and listen (we’re looking at you, Ted Cruz).

Check out the track in question below and try not to read too much into the giant anaconda slithering around Eilish’s shoulders.

Cover Photo: Kevin Mazur (Getty Images)

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