Playboy Model Comes Out as ‘Autosexual,’ Only Wants to Have Sex With Herself From Here on Out (Sorry, Fellas)

Another Playboy model is off the market, but it’s not because some dude swooped in and won her heart (or rocked her world). No, it’s because she’s sworn off men – and women, for that matter – all together.

Her name is Luana Sandien, the 27-year-old Brazilian beauty perhaps best known for the controversy surrounding her topless photoshoot in Dubai, a notoriously conservative place with strict dress codes for women. Now, she’s taking heat not for breaking cultural mores but because she’s come out as autosexual.

If that term’s new to you, you’re not alone. But Sandien is – or at least, she wants to be when she gets off. An autosexual only wants to be intimate with themselves, not other people.

“It means I’m attracted to myself,” she explained to the Daily Star. “It’s kind of self-love on steroids.”

We can see why Sandien doesn’t need anybody else. If we looked like her, we’d probably never get dressed or leave our beds, either.


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It’s just a shame that the entire male population is now out of the running to be her man, even if only in fantasy.

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