Jana Kramer Reveals Post-Divorce Implants in Topless Instagram Pic (She’s Living Her Breast Life)

The newly divorced are a wild bunch. They’re known for doing impulsive things like buying crotch rockets, being sexually adventurous, and for letting it all hang out – literally and metaphorically. Country music singer Jana Kramer is no different in her surprising, newly single behavior…though we don’t recall anyone bragging about their post-divorce breast implants before.

The 37-year-old recently debuted the new-and-improved boobs on Instagram in a tasteful topless pic. With one hand covering her nipples and her other hand resting on her blue-jeaned hips, the One Tree Hill star stood in profile and showed off her impressive augmentation.


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“This next chapter, this next me is free. She’s happy. Even by herself….. #NatrellePartner I’m ready to be in love with myself, and that includes my body. I have no idea what tomorrow holds. All I know is I was good enough before, and I’m good enough now. I am grateful to all of you who have helped me find my strength. No one can take it away from me again,” she captioned the black-and-white pic, which was accompanied by information about the type of implants she used.

Kramer has been planning to get the implants since March, following her divorce from tight end Mike Caussin, who cheated on her. “Bottom line, I’m choosing myself, I’m choosing my size, I’m doing what’s right for me. I know a woman’s body is beautiful no matter what shape or size but I want this,” she shared on Instagram.

What the lady wants, the lady gets. And with her, um, enhancements, she’ll be sure to get a new partner fast. We just hope he’s worthy of the curves. (And if he’s not, don’t hesitate to call us, Jana!)

Cover Photo: David Becker / Contributor (Getty Images)

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