Martin Scorsese’s Daughter Quizzed Him on Feminine Products in Viral TikTok (And His Answers Are Hilarious)

As guys, we’re not expected to know what various feminine products are…until you get a girlfriend or have a daughter. Then you better learn quick the difference between ultra-thin and regular maxi pads or what wings are and why they’re essential. As new-age dudes, learning about the products that make our ladies’ lives easier is the least we can do.

So we’re doubly impressed that Martin Scorsese, acclaimed director and septuagenarian, knows a thing or two about that special feminine products aisle in the drug store. The proof is in a viral TikTok video in which his daughter, Francesa, quizzed him on various items women rely on every day (not just that time of the month).

@francescascorseseI will probably regret posting this but…. he actually did much better than I thought!!#martinscorsese #guesstheobjectchallenge #fyp #greenscreen♬ Spongebob – Dante9k

The first item was an eyelash curler, which Scorsese identified without issue. Next up was a beauty blender (a kind of sponge used to apply makeup), which he sort of accurately called a “cosmetic thing.” Scorsese obviously knows what a bobby pin is (hello, they’ve been around 1899), but he mistakenly thought pasties were earbuds. He misidentified a hair donut (or bun-maker) as a pillow (maybe it could be, for a baby?).

But the funniest part was when a menstrual cup flashed on the screen. He called it a “flagon,” which sounds like it’s made up – or something out Lord of the Rings – but is in fact an old-fashioned type of pitcher. So he’s kind of on the right track there? He then changed his answer to “iCup,” which is also a real thing (for collecting urine at the doctor’s office) but was still incorrect.

Ah, well. You can’t win ‘em all, Martin – whether we’re talking TikTok quizzes or Academy Awards. But you done good.

Cover Photo: @francescascorsese (Instagram)

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