Ben Stiller Noms on Golden Globes Statue Made of Banana Bread to Distract Us From Reality of Being Completely Gray, Well Played Focker

Photo: NBC

To be honest, in the middle of a global pandemic, we don’t really care about awards shows. So, the fact that we weren’t very interested in watching the Golden Globes should come as no surprise. But, since we’re in the business of giving news to people, we figured we’d tune in for at least a little while. We’re glad we did because we were lucky enough to catch a perfect human moment that could only happen in a world where most of us have spent all day stuck in our homes for a year. That moment involved Ben Stiller and a Golden Globes statue made of banana bread.

On top of showing up with a silver head of hair that made him look like a midlife Jack Frost, as he prepared to present the award for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy, the comedic actor quipped that “It’s hard to believe it’s been a full year since the last Golden Globes.” During that time, he said that he learned about crypto-currency, read a book, and “finally got around to dying my hair gray.”

On top of that, it appears he made like Chrissy Teigen and learned to make a mean loaf of banana bread. He also learned how to make this sweet bread into an award statue. In true Stiller fashion, the star of Along Came Polly ripped off a piece and began eating the trophy after awarding it to Rosamund Pike who accepted it via webcam.

In an evening filled with self-congratulation, Stiller reminded us that not everyone needs to take themselves so seriously all the time. It also reminds us that we should finally learn how to make banana bread. It’s been a year for crying out loud.

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