Ben Stiller & Helen Childress Bring ‘Reality Bites’ To NBC

Reality Bites

Nearly 20 years ago, Ben Stiller directed Reality Bites from a screenplay by Helen Childress while also starring in the film opposite Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawke. By the time that 2014 comes around, “Reality Bites” may live again on TV.

Deadline is reporting that Stiller and Childress are reteaming for a television adaptation of “Reality Bites” that will maintain the ‘90s setting of the film. Ryder’s character from the film, Lelaina Pierce will once again be the focus of “Reality Bites” as “she struggles to make her way — romantically and professionally — in the recession-plagued, pre-Internet early 1990s.”

The report notes that “Reality Bites” will be set in Houston, Texas and that Lelaina will once again use a video camera to chronicle her life and the lives of her slacker roommates.

Universal Television is producing the potential “Reality Bites” TV series; which does not yet have a pilot commitment. If “Reality Bites” gets a pilot episode, it would be in contention for the 2014 TV season.

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