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Kaley Cuoco Makes Losing Look Glamorous at Golden Globes (We’d Pity Party With Her Any Day)

Nobody likes to lose, especially when said loss involves your career. But there are sore losers and there are graceful losers, and hopefully when the bottom falls out for you, you’ll be the latter. If you need a guide in how to lose with dignity, look no further than Kaley Cuoco.

The 35-year-old actor was nominated for her first Golden Globe, a nod for Best Actress in a TV Series — Musical/Comedy. The nomination was for her performance in HBO’s The Flight Attendant, a show she also produced. Ahead of the ceremony, it was obvious Cuoco was excited. She got all glam in an Oscar de la Renta gown and posed in front of her home for this pic on Instagram.


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But she didn’t win. The award went (deservedly) to Catherine O’Hara for Schitt’s Creek.

Cuoco didn’t tantrum. She didn’t cry. She did what most of us do when deeply disappointed – she comfort-ate and she Instagrammed.

“I would like to thank…never mind !!” she posted in a follow-up pic that featured her sitting on the floor of her kitchen, surrounded by half-eaten pizza, cupcakes, a cake with a photo of her and the words “Good Luck Kaley!” on it, and some kind of casserole dish (please, please say that was mac ‘n’ cheese). In one hand, she has a bottle of bubbly; in the other, a slice of ‘za. In her lap rested a chocolate cake and a few stray hair extensions. Her heels were tossed aside. It is the most beautiful celebration of loserdom we have ever seen.


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Kaley, anytime you want to throw another pity party, we are totally down. We don’t even need an excuse.

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